Cooperation with international companies

Working with international companies

COS Group Company offers cooperation in coordinating and monitoring of local offices of international companies in Ukraine.

We conduct analysis and provide control of the performance of local offices of our international clients in Ukraine in order to provide our client with inaccurate information based on client’s activity:

What do we offer?

  • Audit of the financial discipline in the company

This sector involves analysis of all business processes taking place in the office.Verification on their compliance with corporate standards of the company.

Review of the accuracy of pricing policy establishment.

Audit of accuracy of allocation of funds on main costs.

  • Analysis of the effectiveness of employees

Independent employee testing on their compliance to all corporate requirements based on their position (check of the theoretical and practical skills of an employee). Training courses, personal development training programs for sales staff taking into consideration the specificity of client’s sphere of business

  • Warehouse Audit

Verification of compliance of the data provided by the local office to the Head office on the warehouse balances

  • Analysis of the niche and segment, providing reliable information on the presence of the company’s products on the market

Analysis of the performance of local offices in Ukraine in comparison to the competing companies.Determination of the real market share that relates to the local office.

If you would like to obtain a reliable information on the work of your remote offices.

If you would like to have an independent expert evaluation of the situation in your niche in the market of Ukraine.

Our team is ready to become your reliable partner and help your business in Ukraine progress safely and securely. 


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